Thriftco Printing is a full-service union printer specialized in providing high-quality quality election printing, mailing, and marketing services for elections and businesses. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has worked closely with thousands of candidates and political campaign staff since 1972 to meet all their election print marketing needs.

As a full-service union printer, we understand the importance of selecting, designing, and delivering the right election-focused materials to your audience. We are dedicated to helping our clients execute a successful campaign strategy by providing impactful, high-quality, customized political print products including yard signs, lapel stickers, bumper stickers, door hangers, buttons, palm cards, mailers, dear-friend cards, banners, postcards, fundraiser invitations and more.

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Political Product Line - 11 items

  • Banners


    Enhance the visual appeal of your next event with a high-quality, professional banner from Thriftco. Our full-color banners are designed to be weatherproof and feature crisp, non-fading images that will look just as vibrant in person as they do on our website. We offer both grommeted and non-grommeted options for easy hanging.

    Our team of designers can help you create a custom banner that perfectly captures the theme and spirit of your event. Whether you're looking to promote a business, celebrate a special occasion, or support a cause, our banners are an excellent way to grab attention and convey your message. And with our commitment to quality, you can be sure that your banner will look great for years to come.

  • [BEST SELLER] Yard Signs

    [BEST SELLER] Yard Signs

    Thriftco Printing produces all of its campaign yard signs in house, using state-of-the-art flatbed printers that allow us to print in full color, including photographs, if desired. We can print signage up to 4’ x 8’ and all of our corrugated signs are weatherproof and fade resistant. We also offer polycoated signs which are perfect for sign holding and rallies.

    Our team can help you create a design that perfectly captures your message and brand, and our high-quality printing process ensures that your signs will be vibrant and long-lasting.

    Whether you're running for office or promoting a business or organization, our yard signs are a great way to reach voters and make an impact.

    Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs: 18" x 24", 24" x 6", 2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 8'

    Polycoated Board Signs: 14" x 22", 14" x 28", 22" x 28", 22" x 28" (foldover), "28" x 44"

    Indoor Rally Signs: 11" x 17", 13" x 19" (Prints on 12 point cover stock)

  • Bumper Stickers

    Bumper Stickers

    Make a lasting impression on the road with high-quality custom bumper stickers from Thriftco. Our bumper stickers are an efficient and cost-effective way to market yourself or your business. Whether you want to convey a message, promote a brand, or simply showcase your personality, our stickers are the perfect solution.

    We offer a wide range of customization options to suit your needs, from one-color designs to full-color images. Our team can help you create a unique, eye-catching design that will make your sticker stand out on the road.

    Our bumper stickers are made from durable, weather-resistant materials that will withstand the rigors of the road, ensuring that your message will be seen for years to come. And with our commitment to quality, you can be sure that your stickers will look great and adhere well.

  • Buttons


    Get your message out there with custom buttons from Thriftco. We offer full-color, durable, and affordable options that are easy to customize to suit your needs. Whether you're promoting a business, supporting a political candidate, or just expressing yourself, our buttons are the perfect way to make a statement.

  • Door Hangers

    Door Hangers

    Make a lasting impression on potential voters with custom-designed door hangers from Thriftco. When properly designed and effectively written, a professionally printed door hanger can be all that a voter needs to make a final decision.

    Our standard door hanger size is large enough to contain important information about your campaign and your platform, as well as your personal background. The die-cutting process allows you to leave your literature on any door handle, making it easy for voters to access your information.

    Our team can help you determine what information and images your door hanger should include, to ensure that it effectively communicates your message and stands out from the competition.

    Size: 4.25" x 11"

  • Easel Signs

    Easel Signs

    Make a statement with professional and durable easel signs to advertise your business, product, or upcoming event. Our digital printers can produce high-quality images on foam core stock, making them sturdy and professional to welcome your guests.

    Our team can help you create a visually appealing design to promote a new product, announce a sale, or welcome guests to an event. Our easel signs are a great way to grab attention.

  • Fundraiser Invitations

    Fundraiser Invitations

    Simplify your fundraising efforts with custom-designed and printed invitations. We offer in-house design, printing, and mailing services, saving you time and money. Let us handle the inserting, addressing, and mailing of your invitations, and take advantage of our postal permit to save on postage costs.

    Our team can help you create an inviting and effective fundraising invitation. With our in-house mailing services, you can be assured that your invitations will arrive on time while saving on postage by using our postal permit.

  • Lapel Stickers

    Lapel Stickers

    Our full-color lapel stickers feature high-quality images that are sure to grab attention. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes including circles, rectangles, and squares, and we can even create custom sizes to suit your needs.

    Our team can help you create a design that perfectly captures your message and brand, and our high-quality printing process ensures that your stickers will be vibrant and long-lasting.

    Lapel stickers are a great way to promote your business, organization, or campaign, and with our customization options, you can create a sticker that is truly unique.

  • Mailers


    We offer a wide range of options for candidates and organizations, including dear friend cards, fundraiser invites, and last-minute mailers.

    Our team will assist you in creating the perfect mailer to reach your target audience, and by using CASS certification and bar-coded addresses, you'll receive the best postage rate possible.

    Our mailing services include addressing, inserting, and mailing. To learn more about our postal information and other services, please visit our mailing section on our website.

  • Palm Cards

    Palm Cards

    Small enough to fit in your pocket, and designed to inspire voter curiosity, our palm cards will make voters remember your name. We can help you design effective palm cards that tell your message to your voters clearly and concisely, all while also displaying full color images.

  • Postcards


    Reach your target audience and increase voter turnout with custom-designed postcards. Direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing methods today, and a well-timed postcard or "dear friend" card can prompt voters to vote.

    Our team can assist you with your mailing list, ensuring that it's accurate and up-to-date, we can account for households and duplicates to make sure you're not overspending on unnecessary printing and postage costs. Whether you're running for office or promoting a business or organization, our postcards are a great way to reach voters and make an impact.

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